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その2つのことからSea Monkeyと名付けました。


Wake up now.
Tomorrow is late.
Today is hope.

I'm growing up in an isolated island. On that day modern technology is not present yet.
In fact every night the moon,stars and the kerosene lamp is the only way to have light.
Despite of that I live happily.
Together with my lineage.

Now the changing of the world is unstoppable.
We don't aware the most important thing.
Everybody competing each other to reach the pinnacle of success.

As an island person I don't want that the past is only a story. The wealth is the thing that you will bring forever.
Be proud of you are.

This is the beginning of my small ocean service.This service brings you to many island in safest way.You can also enjoy eating sea foods.
It also let you know the true life and specially the ethics of an island people.
It's difficult to preserve the mother earth ,but have big possibility to make it together.

If you are interested please get contact to me.
I'm sure you gonna be contented.

Have a good day.

by Jeff

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